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Being there when needed is essential to building fruitful relationships with our clients. We started this company, sick of hearing the horror stories of disrespect and rip-offs. Small businesses have enough problems to worry about on their road to success. Making sure your web design company is on the up and up should not have to be one of them.

Larger web agencies ignore the little guy. Countless bait and switch tactics happen daily at big corporations. They will promise easy and affordable, but all you get is frustration and hidden fees. Why should you have to pay endlessly for a site you will never own? After all, they know full well that leaving them means starting over from scratch, spending even more money, time, and effort. That is about as shady and underhanded as it gets, right?

Why We're Different

We can talk about our years of experience, the diversity of our skills, or our communication until we are blue in the face. To keep it simple, we strive to meet all budgets. We deliver what we promise and provide the best solution possible at the price point you can afford. We follow that up with excellent support and accessibility. Pretty simple yet so effective!

About Tim Scofield
About Tim Scofield, Owner

Tim Scofield is a web designer with over 10 years of experience. He works for small businesses that need his help and takes pride in your success. When he isn't making mobile-friendly websites for small businesses, he enjoys spending time with Scofield Designs' mascot, Franklin, his Labrador Retriever.

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What Our Clients Think

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"Tim did a fabulous job on creating our insurance agency's website. I told him our budget, and what we were looking for, and he created the perfect website with everything we wanted and needed, and nothing we didn't. He's efficient and affordable. I would recommend him to any small business!"
Mandy Clear Siwicki Insurance Agency

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"Tim at Scofield Designs has done an excellent job helping me transition my business from the previous owner to myself. He has redesigned my website to make it mobile-friendly and easy to use. He does a beautiful job with the maintenance of the site and is always just a phone call away. Tim also handles my social media platforms including Facebook marketing and creates the schema that allows my events to show up in Google events listings. Scofield Designs also handles all my email marketing for me. He is a real asset to me and my business."
Robert Rubin CT Contacts LLC

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"Excellent website designer, plus many other areas of expertise: email blasts, database management, Facebook advertising. Multi-talented, a pleasure to work with. An asset to any business."
Tina Auclair

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