Faster websites increase sales and reduce bounce rates.

When you have 3 seconds or less to keep a mobile user engaged, a slow website is your worst enemy.

Why Are Websites Slow?

Every asset necessary to view and use a website carries a "weight" that directly affects loading speed. Images, fonts, scripts, code, and markup are the assets that need the most attention. The "heavier" a page gets, the slower your website. These assets, when tuned and tweaked, will load more efficiently. Page speed optimization equals visitor retention. The majority of websites go unoptimized by theme makers or web companies.

When you have 3 seconds or less to make a first impression, it better be your best impression. Websites slow to load over slow connections are browsing poison for web visitors. You can expect a very high bounce rate of frustrated customers as a result. If visitors leave your site about as fast as they got there, something is wrong. 9 times out of 10, a page speed issue is to blame. What's worse is poor experiences get remembered and avoided. When waiting is not worth the reward, visitors will move on to the easier option, your competition.

Take a look at the graphic from Google to see how loading speeds affect bounce rates so tremendously. You don't have to fall victim to a slow website. Stop silently losing sales and leads without ever knowing it. Let us help get your website speed under control to retain more visitors and gain more opportunities.

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Page Load Stats

A Few of Our Speed Optimizations

Olive Tree Hookah Lounge

Olive Tree Hookah Lounge Speed Score
*Scores calculated by Google Lighthouse/PageSpeed Insights. Scores will fluctuate depending on server traffic and capability.

CT Contacts, LLC

CT Contacts Speed Score

Siwicki Insurance Agency

Siwicki Insurance Agency Speed Score

We Can Help Speed Things Up

Today, only 10% of internet usage is happening on computers. The other 90% is happening on mobile devices where data plans vary widely. It is problematic more often than not since no data plan is getting its maximum data speed. People go over their data caps and get throttled down all the time. The proximity to your cell tower also matters. When you need to reach an audience with this much variation in available data speeds, you need to optimize everything you can to deliver your website as quickly as possible. The good news is, there is plenty to be done to speed up websites.

  • Optimize script delivery
  • Resize and compress imagery
  • Remove unused plugins, code, and script redundancies
  • Apply file compression and cache policies to all server file types
  • Prioritize critical "above the fold" CSS
  • Lazy loading images
  • Correct bottleneck delays that slow loading of assets
  • Eliminate render blocking resources where possible

Don’t lose anymore opportunities to generate a sale.

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