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Website Speed Optimization

We tune the performance of websites for better all around performance.

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Optimize Everything.

If your website is slow to load customers may move on to someone else.  Optimization gives you the speed you need.

Code Optimization

Code Optimization

HTML and CSS files, along with JavaScripts should be cleaned of redundencies, optimized  and minified to reduce their size and impact on loading speed. Every little bit helps the whole.

Server Optimization

Server Optimization

There is too much to be optimized and tweaked through server settings and .htaccess files to list.  So we'll spare you the technical details, if you'd like to know more, contact us.  

Script Optimization

Script Optimization

JavaScript's can kill website speed if left unoptimized and incorrectly loaded.  This happens most often on big bloated website themes.  We'll optimize scripting for you.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization

We optimize images significantly using the right technique for each situation so images load as quickly as possible on any device providing an additonal boost of speed.

Reduce Your Requests

Every external element on a web page requires a server request.  That's a round trip from your browser, to the server, and back again for things you can see, like images, and things you can't, like Javascripts.
We reduce the number of HTTP requests by removing redundancies and consolidating what we can. Fewer trips, faster loading times.


Optimize Your Website So Visitors Can Use It.

Let us help get your website up to speed and create new opportunities with more customers. Contact us today at 1-203-449-8684 or use the form below.

Some Benefits of Optimization

Optimizing your website can drastically increase the speed of your website.  Customers today are looking for speed.

Increased Speeds

By optimizing your website it can perform at its best.  The faster your site loads the happier your customers will be.  Nobody likes sitting around waiting. A fast, mobile-ready website is what your customers are looking for, optimization will bring you that speed your missing.

Search Ranking

Having an optimized website can improve your search ranking.  Google favors websites that load quickly, especially on mobile search which is exactly where your customers turn.  Everyone wants rank in Google, this is one of the improvements that will help.

More Visitors

Users engage for longer periods with websites that perform how they expect them to. Slow websites are abandoned before they even have a chance to load. In a world running low on patience, you need every advantage to keep users on your website.

Competitive Edge

Optimized websites have a competitive advantage over websites that aren't. That's only going to become more apparent as mobile use continues to grow. If your competition's website loads slowly, their loss is your gain. Stay ahead of the pack.

CDN Integration

CDN's or Content Delivery Networks store cached versions of your website files on their servers all over the world, allowing quicker delivery of your website and assets from the closest stored location.
We can setup your website with the most popular CDN companies around.