Upgrade Your Wordpress Website, Safely and Easily

A simple solution for keeping your Wordpress site up-to-date and running as intended.

Why Upgrade Your WordPress Website?

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System in the world. It is also one of the most vulnerable due to that popularity. Finding security vulnerabilities in third-party plugins, as well as WordPress core files, is common. Developers are constantly patching plugins to ensure they work with latest software versions and also to patch any vulnerabilities as they arise.

So, keeping your WordPress version and plugins up to date can avoid potential disaster. The longer these updates are neglected, the more vulnerable a site becomes. This can lead to serious issues that will be tedious to fix, if possible at all. The only real way to stay ahead of this issue is to stay on top of updates. With that being said, some expert finesse is required to ensure these upgrades go smoothly. That is where we come in.

So why us?

  • We perform all upgrades in a separate, identical staging environment
  • We backup the current website and database before any updates can proceed
  • We carefully manage and review your plugins, and notify you of any software version conflicts
  • Fast turn around. We can handle most upgrade requests in the same day
  • We're a great, inexpensive alternative to hiring us to fix your broken WordPress website. ;)

What We Will Need From You:

  •  Access to the web server where your Wordpress install is located (Cpanel, FTP, etc.).
  •  Admin level access to the Wordpress website.
  •  Active and unexpired licenses on all plugins and themes, if applicable. Renewals for plugins are not included.

How Much Will Updating My WordPress Site Cost?

Our WordPress Upgrade Package starts at $150.  This price will fluctuate due to site complexity and the amount of time required to research compatibility, update, and test. We complete updates as soon as the next business day. Please note, these are one-time updates and don't apply to future upgrades.

Don't put off your Wordpress updates, let us take care of them quickly and easily.

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