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Website Maintenance

You are an expert at your business, you shouldn't need to be a computer expert, too.  Leave the technical stuff to us.

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We Offer Affordable Website Maintenance Plans

We'll take care of your website needs month to month or a la carte.

A la carte Maintenance

For 1 hour of a la carte maintenance, we charge $75. There are discounts on that price for those who sign up for recurring monthly maintenance plan. 

"Small" Maintenance Plan

The Small Website Maintenance Plan includes 1 hour of maintenance at $50 a month.  That is a savings of $25 if you sign up for a monthly plan.  This is great for business owners who needs minimal support and editing each month.

"Medium" Maintenance Plan

The Medium Maintenance Plan includes 2 hours of maintenance for $100.  That is a savings of $50 if you sign up for a monthly plan.  A great option for websites that require updates, additions and edits on a regular basis.

"Large" Maintenance Plan

The Large Maintenance Plan includes unlimited maintenance tasks for $300 a month, which is the best value. Great for businesses that require frequent editing and tweaks throughout the month or help with things like social media and light SEO.  

No Live Edits, You'll Approve Everything

Nothing is worse than making edits to a live website, and have something go wrong. Now you have to scramble to fix a problem before anyone notices.
We'll set up an identical copy of your website, hidden from search engines and visitors, for previewing purposes.

Website Maintenance is a Hassle for Business Owners.

Website Maintenance is a Hassle for Business Owners.

If you're ready to take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to managing your website, give us a call at 1-203-449-8685 or use the form below.

A Few Common Website Tasks

A well-maintained website reflects positively on you and your business.  Don't let it go and let them think it isn't important to you.

Event Calendars

Businesses have event calendars that need constant updating.  We can update your information and submit rich card events to Google.

Photo Galleries

If your business has a photo gallery you know it can be a pain to update.  We can crop, size and optimizing your images for you, just send them on over.

How Do I Do this?

There's countless website tasks that can leave you scratching your head. Updating plugins, add functionality are all pretty involved procedures.

Something is Wrong

Once in a while, something just happens. You try to fix one thing and cause more problems. Eventually you're in so deep you can't figure a way out.

Maintenance is Tough, But You Don't Have to Do It Alone


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